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Starting Small

It is January 4th and I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed by the expectations I have set on myself. The advent of a new year always sparks thoughts that things HAVE to change, but I have learned that I am not great at drastic change. When setting goals, I have to start out small, in manageable doses. Here are a few things I have incorporated into my daily habits that make it easier to accomplish the big stuff - whether it's drinking more water, finding creative inspiration, growing a little nest egg or becoming more mindful. Shout out to my husband for being a great inspiration in this practice!

From top,left to right:

A daily ritual for mindfulness | The Five Minute Journal

Time away from the screen to create | 365 Days of Creativity

An inspirational mug always helps start your day on the right foot | Adult Merit Badge mug

A very user-friendly and non-intimidating way to start investing (especially for women) | Ellevest

My favorite way to drink water (with a time tracker!) | FIT water bottle

I LOVE any and all notebooks, for planning, brainstorming, doodling. So much magic comes from putting ideas on paper! | Customizable Notebooks



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